Hope in the North

Farn, I hardly knew you.

While Archibald Gentry, Scian’an, and Ulf were still getting their bearings from their journies through the portal, they heard two legates having a heated discussion approaching their position in a cavern on top of a large hill. They learned several things from the the debate. First, the Temple of Shadow was looking for something around Steel Hill. Second, the legates do not completely trust their orcish allies, and didn’t want the Kurasatch udareen Morgatha knowing what they were looking for. Third, one of the legates approaching the cavern was named Farn.

Using a combination of might, stealth, and magic, they quickly killed the three men. Two were legates and the third was a servant. They discovered a Legate’s Map on the servant, which showed Steel Hill and three locations marked with an “X”. One them appeared to be the cavern where they had excited the Paths.

Archibald investigated the the cavern, trying to determine why the legates would want something around the cavern, was it the portal to the pathways, or could there be another reason? He discovered three tall white flowers, the size of Sunflowers, growing just inside the cave. The white flowers each contained three golden seeds. Archibald took all nine seeds while Scian’an and Ulf were hiding the bodies of the legates inside the cavern.

A discussion was had about splitting the Prince’s Cointhat the legates carried. Each had a pouch of fifty of the Prince’s Coin. It was decided that Scian’an and Ulf would take a pouch each, and that Achibald would help them get the best deal possible if they ever needed to use the coin.

Looking at the map, they decided to travel north towards the mountains and the next closest point on the map marked with an “X”.



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